Baithak or Bethak literally means “seat” or “place to seat” in several languages from South Asia.

Tandavam aims to delve into giving a deeper appreciation of arts for the art lover, and as a result, Baithak series came about. These will allow a coming together of art, artiste and the art lover in a way that brings immense satisfaction and appreciation for all involved. There is energy exchanged at close quarters, the mood is informal and inspiring, providing an intimate experience. The creative satisfaction that you take home with you as an audience member in a dance show is so much different than how you will go back after a baithak.

Baithak: Ashta Nayika

Natyashastra explains Ashta Nayikas as literally meaning 8 heroines. We will be showcasing the 8 different heroines in four classical styles.

Two each from Odissi, Kathak, Kuchipudi and Bharatanatyam. Each will be performed by senior students of area dance schools in the DMV.

As we aim for a closed, intimate experience, the baithaks will be hosted in smaller venues and audience will be limited to a small number for close quarter viewing. Stay tuned as we update with performers and their bios. Subscribe to this blog for email updates/follow us on Instagram or Facebook


  • What: Ashta Nayika – a solo performance event With a special guest performer from India
  • Where: Brookfield Swim Club, VA
  • When: Saturday February 8th at 3:00 PM
  • How much: $15. 00/person. Only 50 tickets available ($20 at the door)
    • February 05 Update: SOLD OUT

Click here for the event pictures and writeup!

Guest Performer: Sri. Deverakonda Srinivas

(Click flyer for bio)

Click through for Nayika performers and their bios:

Kathak Dancers: Shaalini Desai & Rupali Bhave

Kuchipudi Dancers: Sneha Babu & Sumi Rao

Odissi Dancers: Lisa Santhanam & Neeta Pal

Bharatanatyam Dancers: Aru Mokkapati & Rithika Ashok

Click here for the event pictures and writeup!

Published by Tandavam Events

A dance event company in Northern VA, focusing on Indian Classical Arts. Focusing on outreach and raising the bar within the field.

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