Odissi Dancers

The two odissi dancers, Nabanita Pal and Lisa Santhanam will be presenting Nayika pieces in Odissi . All 8 pieces deal with EIGHT conditions (awastha) of the heroine with respect to their hero, as prescribed within the Natyashastra by Bharata muni. 2 of these pieces will be portrayed by the dancers. Bios below:

Nabanita Pal

Nabanita Pal, also known as Neeta, is an Indian classical dancer of the Odissi style based in Washington, DC. Neeta is interested in exploring the technical and expressional nuances of the Odissi vocabulary, which she sees as tools to build both everyday and mythical narratives. Neeta began her training with Guru Dr. Chitra Krishnamurti in Maryland. She sought intensive training in Odissi as a Fulbright Scholar in Bhubaneswar, India with the Artistic Director of the Orissa Dance Academy, Padmashree Guru Aruna Mohanty, and her repertory members, with whom Neeta continues to train. Neeta is dedicated to honing her craft by taking workshops with master artists. Neeta is a graduate of Brown University and UC Berkeley School of Law. When Neeta is not telling stories through dance, she works as a youth justice advocate and public defender.

You can reach Neeta on her website

Lisa Santhanam

Lisa Santhanam is a passionate Odissi dancer from Virginia. She was initiated into Odissi by Smt Jayantee Paine. And for the last decade trains exclusively under the guidance of Sri Ratikant and Smt Sujata Mohapatra from Bhubaneswar. She is a member of the prestigious odissi dance company under the guidance of Dr Aparupa Chatterjee

Check the other dancers out here

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A dance event company in Northern VA, focusing on Indian Classical Arts. Focusing on outreach and raising the bar within the field.

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